«THE TASTEFUL» luxury magazine

Our luxury magazine was founded by a group of companies “Mirovaya Karta”.

Magazine “The Tasteful” is a luxury-edition about luxury-directions. On its pages, experienced travelers and discerning gourmets, experts of fine dining and great wines, like the experts of prestigious guides Michelin or Gaultmillau, recommend the best and favorite.

Our stylish guide to the world of luxury is published at the beginning of each season, dedicating detailed and fascinating articles to all areas and manifestations of dolce vita - from first-class hotels and masterpieces of the jeweler's art to legendary cars and corporations who have reached intoxicating heights in business.

“The Tasteful” confesses the true values - we tell not only about the rare and unique things, but also about people who create them, talents and genius, opinion leaders and idols.

Readers of “The Tasteful”' are always open to new experiences and sensations. They love to share their experience not less than to fill up their luggage of emotions and knowledge. They are the people with a taste for life, trendsetters and cosmopolitans.

Each issue of the magazine - it's an unforgettable journey. We invite you to become its participants!

Please contact us for any further information and collaboration:

Elena Zhadko, Head of the project

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