Georgian hospitality in every detail The network of Georgian restaurants TBILISO opened its 5th restaurant!
New restaurant in the house with a 200-year history: DOM №10 has been opened in Podil On 18 December, we opened the doors to the guests of the new restaurant DOM №10 on 10 Spaska Str.
GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR LOVED ONES, FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES On the eve of the holidays, we would like to invite you to purchase gift certificates for your friends, loved ones and colleagues
Welcome to the new restaurant - Sam`s Steak House Prime We are pleased to announce that there are now two Sam's Steak Houses in Kyiv.
The fourth "TBILISO" has already been opened! Only here authentic Georgian dishes can be so accessible!
NEW TECHNOLOGIES ABLE TO STOP PROGRESSION OF MYOPIA The increased number of children with myopia and its progressive nature are of concern to ophthalmologists around the world. How to deal with this problem?
Anniversary menu Buddha-bar Kyiv invites you to celebrate the Anniversary together.
Opening of the new City-Zen café & bar! On August 20, the opening of the 4th restaurant of the City-Zen café & bar restaurant chain was held.
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