08:00 — 23:00
80 guests
+38 067 547 55 22 – Stepana Bandery prospect, 17/1
+38 067 823 91 91 – Hnata Hotkevycha vul, 1v
+38 067 547 44 66 – Zhitomyrska vul, 20

CITY•ZEN cafe & bar - this is the place where you can forget about the rush and find harmony in a cup of coffee and happiness on your plate.  A place where life is, according to the ancient doctrine finds its true form - a moment that is happening here and now.

CITY•ZEN - this is the place where people come and plunge into a special atmosphere, which we have carefully and lovingly created for you.

Over our brand name we worked together with the Ukrainian journalist and writer Anton Freedland, and most of the attributes of the interior - it's Made in Ukraine. We have created a comfortable place for morning coffee and croissant, tasty and quick place for lunch and place for pre-party with the best cocktails. We did not want to make "just another cafe", we wanted to create something special.

Our team has set a goal - to brew the best coffee in town.

To this end, after a long search, our Chef barista take coffee beans for us that green is brought from Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala and Brazil.

We have created our firm blend of 2 types - CITY • ZEN strong and CITY • ZEN light on our own fry them in our roster.

Our menu has a hearty pies, soups and stew, original sandwiches, wraps, and croissants, salads, light vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

Everyone who comes here will find their own  "Zen".

CITY • ZEN - this is your place, your city and your life!

New City-Zen café & bar opened on Rusanovka! A harmonious concept for a dynamic city is now also on Rusanovskaya embankment, 10.
This autumn's menu is already in City-Zen café & bar In the first days of autumn, we decided to put summer on repeat. After all, autumn is not a reason for the blues, especially when City-Zen has a new seasonal menu!
Everyone loves them. The burger menu at City-Zen cafe & bar Burger is one hundred percent love. Why? Everything is easier than you think!
The vitamin boom of the new avocado menu in the City-Zen café & bar Avocado is very useful for both women and men and contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals that bring great benefits to the body.
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