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CitiDoctor is a new project that implements the concept of providing a full-cycle medical service, from a diagnosis to rehabilitation after treatment (surgery).

For this purpose, the best specialists in the field of diagnostics and treatment in the most sought-after areas have united: gynecology, urology, orthopedics and traumatology, plastic surgery, proctology and rehabilitation, endoscopy.

The clinic has modern equipment: ultrasound scanner of high expert class Samsung Medison H60, video endoscopic stand Olympus Exera II CV-180, clinical laboratory, MRT, which allow making a quick and correct diagnosis.

We have created a unique surgery block with an increased level of sterility (laminar flows) and a modern cycle of sterilization service.

All surgery includes minimally invasive interventions, the use of 3D modeling of plastic surgery results, live tissues welding apparatus of EKVZ-300 PATONMED® series, surgical stand for laparoscopy Stryker Laparoscopy Tower, radio wave surgical generator Surgitron™ EMC.

The clinic has an excellent hospital, where you will feel the personal attention of our team.

The team of the specialized rehabilitation center will help to recover quickly after a surgery, including using BTL equipment for physiotherapy.

The main value of the CityDoc clinic is its specialists.

Each type of activity of the CitiDoctor medical center has its own team of specialists who, apart from experience and qualifications, are able to find a personal approach to each patient. What our doctors will offer you will be the only and unique solution customized specifically for you.

We are result-oriented.

Our work style is an open communication with our patients based on trust and mutual respect.

Our main task is the accurate and quick diagnostics, safety of our patients, effective treatment.

Our strength is the modern equipment, new treatment technologies, minimally invasive surgery, comfortable and quick rehabilitation.

CitiDoctor is a new culture of health, international level and transparency for each patient.


CitiDoctor is an international medical center of a new generation.

Innovations and a new culture of the value of life!

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