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Sushiya is an all-Ukrainian network of delicious and modern Japanese cuisine.


The first Sushiya restaurant was opened in Kiev in 2006. The restaurant immediately won the love of its guests thanks to its wide selection of Japanese cuisine, pleasant atmosphere and impeccable service. Throughout the years, sincere hospitality, high standards, innovation and efficiency of business processes have been the constant values ​​of the company.


The main feature of the Sushiya chain is the safety, quality and freshness of ingredients. This is possible thanks to direct import and an established system of our own logistics.


Sushiya uses only the best ingredients from all over the world:

  • Salmon from Norway;

  • Cream cheese, which you love so much in Philadelphia de Luxe rolls, from Latvia;

  • Rice from the USA. Sushiya uses Calrose rice. This rice contains a high percentage of starch and is ideal for making sushi. Sushiya receives direct supplies of rice from a reliable California (USA) grower;

  • Soy sauce from Japan. The sauce is produced by one of the oldest companies Kikkoman (Kikkoman). Guests of Sushiya restaurants enjoy real soy sauce, created on the basis of ancient traditional recipes and unique Japanese technologies.



Impeccable sushi, rolls, sashimi, salads, hot dishes and desserts are what Sushiya guests love and what prompts them to return to the chain's restaurants again and again.

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Sushiya is being renewed At the end of 2020, Sushiya restaurants began to renew their appearance. Four restaurants in the city of Kiev are already operating in the new design: on Rusanovka, Troeshchina, Goloseevo and...
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