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"Sushiya" is a national expert of tasty and useful Japanese cuisine, using traditional techniques of slicing fish and cooking dishes. All dishes are prepared only upon ordering, with fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

The main focus of the Sushiya network is the safety of ingredients. The most important criteria are the quality and freshness of products that are achieved through direct import and own logistics system.

The best ingredients from around the world:

- salmon from Norway;

- cream cheese, beloved by you in the roles of Philadelphia, from Latvia;

- rice from USA (Sushiya uses Calrose rice: it contains a high percentage of starch and is perfect for sushi. For Sushiya, direct deliveries of rice, specially selected for Japanese cuisine, from a trusted manufacturer from California (USA) have been established. California has shown significant success in growing various rice varieties for many countries in the world, including Japan);

- soy sauce from Japan (Sauce is produced by one of the oldest Japanese companies Yamasa. Guests of the Sushiya restaurants use a real soy sauce, created on the basis of the oldest traditional recipes and unique Japanese technologies);


In 2018 the company celebrates its 12th anniversary - the first restaurant was opened in Kyiv in 2006 and immediately gained the love of visitors thanks to a wide range of Japanese cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere, democratic prices, impeccable quality of products and service. During 12 years sincere hospitality, high standards, innovation, business process efficiency and equity in relation to partners and employees are unchanged values ​​of the company.


Flawless sushi, rolls, sashimi, salads, hot dishes and desserts are what the guests of Sushiya love and what leads them to restaurant restaurants over and over again.

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Hookah freebie when the score from 200 UAH
Hookah freebie when the score from 200 UAH
30 species mixtures for hookah
30 species mixtures for hookah
SUSHIYA presents new juicy menu Our new menu offers rolls in three categories: CLASSIC, BIG FISH and FUSION, each with its own allotted color and unique distinctive features.
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