Premiere! Grand opera steak at Sam’s Steak House Prime

There are a few themes at our incredible multicultural present time that never get us bored. We are always happy to tell about the meat and everything connected with it. And we really love good music. Therefore, at the opening of our Sam, we combined these two themes into opera-meat performance and received your incredible reviews! Today, the restaurant continues the operatic theme, announcing a new unique project - “Grand Opera Steak”.

“Grand Opera Steak” is “La Traviata” and “Habanera”, famous parties of Figaro, Mephistopheles, toreador and others every Friday since February 1.


The repertoire of dinners in the atmosphere of grand opera, but in a cozy warm space of our steakhouse is planned for a few weeks in advance. And not without surprises. Evening of February 14 will be held under the party, which once sang by Frank Sinatra won millions of hearts.


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