Whiskey tasting in Sam`s Steak House

Sam’s Steak House likes the cold season for the opportunity to warm up qualitatively. The actual interior of the steakhouse, an open grill, a balanced menu - everything promises perfect warmth and comfort.

The basis of comfort is whiskey. The Sam’s Steak House catalog has an impressive selection of single malt and blended whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland and Japan. There is bourbon, without which it is boring in winter. In the restaurant you will find more than 100 types of whiskey for every taste and for every mood.

Sam’s Steak House’s whiskey catalog is informative. Near each name there is detailed information about the manufacturer of whiskey, the nuances of taste and aroma. The deep, interesting, diverse theme of whiskey inspired the restaurant not only to create a catalog and collection, but also to develop the culture of this drink through tastings.

The restaurant believes that everyone is obliged to find their favorite whiskey. To do this, Sam’s offers several selections of different whiskeys in classic portions of “wee dram” (20 ml). In other words, for a fixed price from 200 hryvnias to 400 hryvnias, you can try one of the perfectly selected sets of whiskey.

The selection of whiskey was done by a sommelier.

For example, the collection with the name “Islands and Peat” includes characteristic representatives of peat whiskeys - Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich. In the aromatic set are the stars of whiskey - The Balvenie Doublewood, Auchentoshan American Oak and Monkey Shoulder.

In the list of the best bourbons, the restaurant recommends Maker’s Mark, Bulleit, Jim Beam Black. In contrast with them, it will be appropriate to try the set, called in the restaurant "classical Scotland" - Cardhu, Talisker, Highland Park.


Sam’s Steak House is convinced that whiskey is a drink not only for men, but also for women. The more complicated the drinks, the more admirers they have. Therefore, not only men are able to assess the depth of taste of each whiskey.

Set can be viewed here

Do not delay acquaintance with new drinks, perhaps this time you will find your own.