The concept of a group of companies USG Holding
The history of the development of the group of companies USG Holding

USG Holding is a large Ukrainian group of companies, which for more than 20 years have been uniting and developing services in the restaurant, hotel and health business.

USG means Uncle Sam’s Group.

Uncle Sam’s Group was established by USU Inc, an American company, in 1995.

The development in Ukraine began in 1996 with the opening of the first Uncle Sam restaurant. Thereafter, the company was one of the founders of restaurant business in the territory of Ukraine under “Mirovaya Karta” brand while developing additional types of activity in the services sector.

In 2018, it became possible to combine all business lines into the integrated USG Holding.

The holding comprises the business companies il Molino and Sushiya, individual restaurant projects Tbiliso, City-Zen, Sam’s Steak House, DOM №10.

USG Holding holds a part of shares in Khreschatyk Hotel.

A separate line of business encompasses health projects: Citi-Doctor, a new full-service clinic, and Ailas, an ophthalmological center.

Our values are effectiveness and leadership, integrity, honesty and stability, partnership, responsibility and team spirit, progress and innovation.

  • opening of the new restaurant Tbiliso (Georgian cuisine) and development the family of il Molino pizzerias
  • opening of the modern roster & café Coffee Lover 
  • opening of the new restaurant Tbiliso (Georgian cuisine) and development the family of il Molino pizzerias, opening of the restaurant Praktyka
  • opening of the restaurant DOM №10 in the house with a 200-year history
2018 (copy)
  • combination of all business lines into the integrated USG Holding.
  • further development of health business. Opening of Citi Doctor, a full-service clinic.
  • beginning of the development of a network of Georgian restaurants Tbiliso (five restaurants as of today).
  • opening of the first urban café City-Zen. Currently, there are four City-Zen urban cafes in Kyiv.
  • the year of incorporation of il Molino company. Today, the family of il Molino pizzerias has 16 restaurants in Kyiv.
  • the year of development of the national chain of Japanese restaurants Sushiya. Today, Sushiya has 40 restaurants throughout Ukraine.
  • the health business development and opening of Ailas, a vision correction center, which still continues to be a leader in ophthalmology.
  • the acquisition of a part of shares in Khreschatyk Hotel during its privatization. Today, it is an updated modern hotel in the center of Kyiv with 400 guest rooms.
  • the restaurant business development under the “Mirovaya Karta” brand (more than 32 individual restaurant projects in Kyiv with franchising in the regions).   Over 20 years of activity, many restaurants of Mirovaya Karta left a mark in the history of the restaurant business of Ukraine: the legendary Lipsky Mansion (subsequently - Lipsky), Mimino, the first Georgian restaurant, and others. The company greatly contributed to the development of the restaurant industry and world standards, including through the organization of the world-class chefs’ visits to Ukraine, for example, a visit to Kyiv and a gastronomic event of Massimo Bottura, the best chef in the world, (3 Michelin stars), themed gastronomic dinners with the involvement of legendary chefs: Enrique Cherie, Da Vittorio, 3 Michelin stars, Beau Clugston and Tom Halpin (sous-chefs of the famous Noma restaurant), etc.
  • the beginning of the company’s activity in Ukraine with the opening of the first Uncle Sam restaurant (subsequently – Sam’s Steak House)