Our restaurants are under quarantine. Dear guests, friends and partners, The safety and health of each guest and team member is our overriding priority. Our restaurants are under quarantine. Let’s take care of each other, we stay...
Bring in Spring with New Tasty Delights Even though last winter was exceptionally warm, the arrival of spring was still quite a long wait.
Whiskey tasting in Sam`s Steak House Do not delay acquaintance with new drinks, perhaps this time you will find your own.
Good news for our favorite guests! Restaurant companies USG Holding (Sushiya, IlMolino, Tbiliso, City-Zen) have decided to join forces to develop a unique loyalty program under the Food Fest brand!
ISTRIAN TRUFFLE SEASON AT DOM № 10 Great news for true gourmets: this fall, we would like to invite the guests of DOM # 10 to do justice to the new author’s menu dedicated to the truffle season prepared by the chef George Sharuev.
USG HOLDING CO-FOUNDER MICHAEL DON INTERVIEW Michael Don, a Ukrainian-American entrepreneur, can be called one of the pioneers of the domestic restaurant market
Try the Delights of the New Season Menu Check out our new autumn menu; it is a real feast for the eyes, mouth and tummy.
il Molino launches new restaurant with innovative design A decision to change your regular pizzeria décor proved to be beneficial – a new il Molino restaurant at Podil opens April 9th with a new design that features high-end furniture, original lighting,...
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USG Holding is a large Ukrainian group of companies, which for more than 20 years have been uniting and developing services in the restaurant, hotel and health business. USG means Uncle Sam’s Group. Uncle Sam’s Group was established by USU Inc, an American company, in 1995. The development in Ukraine began in 1996 with the opening of the first Uncle Sam restaurant. Thereafter, the company was one of the founders of restaurant business in the territory of Ukraine under “Mirovaya Karta” brand while developing additional types of activity in the services sector. In 2018, it became possible to combine all business lines into the integrated USG Holding. The holding comprises the business companies il Molino, Sushiya, Tbiliso, City-Zen, individual restaurant projects DOM №10, Tequila House, Sam’s Steak House, Golden Gate Pub. Praktika, Balagan. The holding has an international license and manages Buddha bar Kyiv. USG Holding holds a part of shares in Khreschatyk Hotel. . A separate line of business encompasses health projects: Citi-Doctor, a new full-service clinic, and Ailas, an ophthalmological center. Our values are effectiveness and leadership, integrity, honesty and stability, partnership, responsibility and team spirit, progress and innovation.