We work every day! We have been waiting for the best opportunity to make this announcement. But we understand that the most desirable news is victory. Until then, we are ready to go to it by supporting the economy...
Sam’s resumes delivery format! After all, the delivery menu has everything you love so much about our Sam’s
Saint Valentine’s Day When we are in love, reality becomes much brighter than the most daring dreams. This feeling is cut out for making sense of life!
Family brunches on weekends from 11:00 to 17:00 Where should you go with your family for the weekend? Start with a brunch at Sam’s and have a great weekend.
New Year's menu and Christmas BBQ For so many years we have been preparing the best steaks and BBQ products, which are so to the taste of our favorite guests. Every day at Sam’s Steak House we cook about 50 steaks, the quality of...
Christmas menu for a family table The most beautiful night of the year is approaching. Spend the holiday enjoying the company of your loved ones and we will arrange for the New Year’s table.
Truffle season cocktails at DOM №10 restaurant As part of the menu dedicated to the black Istrian truffle season at DOM №10, the restaurant will offer you special cocktails designed to complement dishes with noble mushroom.
Glenmorangie. Tasting Dinner On December 8, we invite you to Tasting Dinner at Sam’s Steak House. This is a series of gastronomic dinners in the format of Food pairing, where our guests have the opportunity to try the...
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Welcome to USG Holding website!

USG Holding is a large Ukrainian group of companies, which for more than 20 years have been uniting and developing services in the restaurant, hotel and health business. USG means Uncle Sam’s Group. Uncle Sam’s Group was established by USU Inc, an American company, in 1995. The development in Ukraine began in 1996 with the opening of the first Uncle Sam restaurant. Thereafter, the company was one of the founders of restaurant business in the territory of Ukraine under “Mirovaya Karta” brand while developing additional types of activity in the services sector. In 2018, it became possible to combine all business lines into the integrated USG Holding. The holding comprises the business companies il Molino, Sushiya, Tbiliso, City-Zen, individual restaurant projects DOM №10, Sam’s Steak House, Praktika. A separate line of business encompasses health projects: Citi-Doctor, a new full-service clinic, and Ailas, an ophthalmological center. Our values are effectiveness and leadership, integrity, honesty and stability, partnership, responsibility and team spirit, progress and innovation.