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ISTRIAN TRUFFLE SEASON AT DOM № 10 Great news for true gourmets: we would like to invite the guests of DOM # 10 to do justice to the new author’s menu dedicated to the truffle season prepared by the chef George Sharuev.
Legendary. Favorite. Now another. If you wake up in the morning and know you weren't here yesterday, you'll regret it. This is exactly how it was 25 years ago, when all the world's stars on their way to Kyiv went to Zhylyanska, 37,...
Season of fragrant melons and sweet watermelons! «Praktika» restaurant invites you to an updated seasonal menu.
close for a restart Dear guests! From August 15, we will close for a restart and temporarily will not work. But in September, Sam’s Steak House will return with a uniquely updated design, but with the same format. We...
Technology matters Creating a steak is a long and difficult process, and creating it from Ukrainian beef is even more difficult
Dear friends, we have great news! Wine Spectator, a prestigious world publication, has published an annual ranking of restaurants with the best wine lists all over the world.
Bodo gift certificates We work with bodo, which specializes in the sale of gift certificates for experiences and has been a leader in this market segment for 11 years.
Elegant wedding at DOM №10 Just as a big dream begins with the fruition of a small wish, so your own fairy tale with the length of a happy life can begin with a magical wedding in the European style. Arrange it at DOM №10!
Individual and corporate master classes For more than 10 years, Sam's Steak House has been holding culinary workshops on cooking steaks and not only it. Today the tradition of master classes successfully exists, because here we are...
Ukrainian asparagus season We start the asparagus season at DOM №10 restaurant. We are proud to use local asparagus grown by farmers in southern Ukraine.
Whisky in the garden. The Glenlivet On Jule 16 (Friday), Sam’s Steak House and CollectionForMen invite friends to a private summer whisky tasting with dinner in nature. We gather all connoisseurs of this drink on the territory of a...
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