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Our restaurants are under quarantine. The safety and health of each guest and team member is our overriding priority. Our restaurants are under quarantine. Let’s take care of each other, we stay tuned for good news and look...
DOM №10: New Menu for Lent Continue your gastronomic adventures at DOM №10, regardless of the year’s season. Especially for Lent, our chef George Sharuev has composed a new menu with daring toothsome combinations.
Bloody Mary & steak Rib-Eye How to make a hot combination of Bloody Mary based on Ketel One and juicy steak? Dmitry Kolomiets, Ketel One brand Ambassador, trains and cooks-Sam's Steak House Chef!
Masliana (Pancake Week) in Podil! Celebrate the festivities at DOM N10 May your family have Joyous Pancake Week! We would like to invite you to keep up the folk ancient traditions and stop by for a special pancake menu.
Be MEET Valentine Our steaks unite loving hearts! Welcome to Sam’s Steak House for St. Valentine's Day.
Business-lunches every day on weekdays We invite you to business-lunches daily on weekdays from 12: 00 to 16: 00 (except holidays)
Romantic rendezvous on Valentine’s Day When we are in love, the reality becomes much striking than the wildest dreams - love is created to bring meaning to life.
Birthday at DOM # 10 Your festive occasion should be as special as you are! Celebrate your birthday in a creative atmosphere of the house with a 200-year history.
DOM N10 restaurant’s enoteca DOM #10 has its own collection of wines - hundreds of wines from the Old and New World have been collected: Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, USA, Ukraine and well-known Georgia,...
New family breakfasts The first hours of the day are the tuning fork that makes it easy to get the whole day in tune. That is why we pay so much attention to morning meals. We would like to invite you to taste the...
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