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New Year holidays at DOM #10 Fine dining style corporate events, Christmas family dinners or New Year’s dinners with friends: any event can turn into a winter tale in the creative atmosphere of 19th-century old house. We would...
An incendiary Georgian disco in New Year We invite you to meet New Year in a warm and cheerful atmosphere of Georgian disco!
Cold season for the warmest and noblest spirit - whiskey Do not delay acquaintance with new drinks, perhaps this time you will find your own.
NEW YEAR NIGHT AT TEQUILA HOUSE On December 31, a bright Mexican party will take place, where we all will meet the merry and bohemian Mexican New Year 2020!
Cocktail menu dedicated to the truffle season at DOM №10 In line with the menu dedicated to the black truffle season we created special cocktails intended to complement dishes with noble gastronomic gold.
Everyone loves them. The burger menu at City-Zen cafe & bar Burger is one hundred percent love. Why? Everything is easier than you think!
Thanksgiving Day at Sam's Steak House On 28th of November we invite you to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at Sam's Steak House!
The vitamin boom of the new avocado menu in the City-Zen café & bar Avocado is very useful for both women and men and contains more than 20 vitamins and minerals that bring great benefits to the body.
Practice Chef`s Table Unique - rich taste spectrum at a chamber dinner with Chef:
ISTRIAN TRUFFLE SEASON AT DOM № 10 Great news for true gourmets: this fall, we would like to invite the guests of DOM # 10 to do justice to the new author’s menu dedicated to the truffle season prepared by the chef George Sharuev.
Updated autumn menu We are pleased to invite you to the updated menu at DOM N10! We have supplemented it with autumn dishes which will keep you in a good mood and warm up with unusual combinations.
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