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Georgian Music Evenings in Tbiliso! In the frenzied city tempo, sometimes you want to sit comfortably, listen music, drink wine.
November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day at Sam`s Steak House. The symbol of the Thanksgiving Day is the main dish of Gala dinner - baked turkey.
Meet the New Year's Eve with Tbilisi! The winter holiday, beloved all over the world, is celebrated in Georgia with a national color, with special local customs.
Glintwine Day From now on, every Thursday in the network of Tbilisio restaurants will be warm!
Hot Aperol Spritz and mulled wine Lychee-Coconut in City-Zen Finally, those evenings came when mulled wine is warm, friends are beloved and the food are delicious
SUSHIYA presents new juicy menu Our new menu offers rolls in three categories: CLASSIC, BIG FISH and FUSION, each with its own allotted color and unique distinctive features.
Invite your friends for the ribs! Sam`s Steak House Restaurant introduces a special menu of ribs!
Asia is getting closer to City-Zen We have always been a little about Asia. Our salads and spring rolls delighted you and us from the very opening
New breakfasts at City-Zen café & bar Breakfast in the big city is always about traffic and endless turmoil.
Breakfast at Golden Gate Pub Golden Gate Pub has prepared a unique offer for its guests - the breakfast menu.
Best Margarita frozen in the city! Thursday, 25 october Note! On Thursdays, Tequila House hosts Bachelorette parties, every second Margarita frozen is complimentary!
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