Sushiya is being renewed
Sushiya is being renewed

At the end of 2020, Sushiya restaurants began to renew their appearance. Four restaurants in the city of Kiev are already operating in the new design: on Rusanovka, Troeshchina, Goloseevo and Independence Square. The old orange-green interior was replaced by a new one - light, with a lot of greenery and neon.


The main reason for the renovation was that the interior of the first restaurants has not changed since 2006 and is gradually losing its attractiveness for guests.


In addition to the design of the establishments, the menu and packaging for delivery have undergone changes.


The new menu has incorporated only hit positions and has become more flexible. Now guests have the opportunity to order a half roll or combine their favorite flavors. In addition, the portion of fish in each role is increased by almost 2 times.


Sushiya has abandoned plastic bags in favor of paper ones and updated the look of the food boxes.


The head of the restaurant chain Irina Borets noted:

«Sushiya was on the verge of great changes. Nowadays, you just need to be flexible. Trends and "Sushiya" change along with them. We have chosen the path of sustainability and awareness. I am sure that the renewed Sushiya will be liked by Ukrainian people and will become their favorite place. "


Addresses of renewed restaurants in Kiev:eng

4, Rusanovskaya Embankment

11, Marina Tsvetaeva st.

58A, Goloseevsky avenue


2/1, Boris Grinchenko st.

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