The fourth "TBILISO" has already been opened!
The fourth "TBILISO" has already been opened!

The network of Georgian restaurants "TBILISO" is the space, where you can get acquainted with real Georgian cuisine, plunge into the atmosphere of hospitality and can simply have a great time in the circle of people who are dear to you. Only here authentic Georgian dishes can be so accessible!
Hits of the restaurant menu - 5 kinds of khinkali, 8 kinds of khachapuri, chicken tapaka in 3 different sauces.
Welcome to the restaurant «TBILISO. Georgian Hospitality, where the style and the best gastronomic traditions of Georgia unite! We are waiting for you at the address - ul. Architect Verbitsky, 1 (SEC New Way), 1st floor, entrance from the street. Trostyanetska.

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