Bring in Spring with New Tasty Delights

Even though last winter was exceptionally warm, the arrival of spring was still quite a long wait. Because we, at il Molino, love spring with all our hearts, we wanted our new spring menu to be a reflection of the long-awaited season, so we filled the menu with fresh tastes, as well as green and vibrant colors. So come to il Molino to try these new spring delights – there are plenty for every taste. For a starter, you’ll have an option between crispy bruschette with anchovies, cherry tomato, bell pepper and basil concasse, and a green salad with tofu. And if you want something even more nutritious, then go for a salad with beef, baked in a mustard and garlic marinade. To warm yourself after a long, bracing walk outside, try our cream soup of broccoli, spinach and cauliflower; ravioli with mushrooms and tofu, or pasta with stewed veal cheeks. Vegetarians will find delight in dorado with vegetables, while pizza lovers can look forward to two new pizzas (both are wood-fired, of course): the exquisite Verona – topped with baked beetroot rings, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin sauce, red onion, pesto and pumpkin seeds; and the hearty Gourmet – topped with mozzarella, a barbecue sauce, veal cheeks stewed in a demi-glace sauce, bell pepper stewed in a wine sauce, onion and basil. And for a dessert, we suggest a soft coconut panna cotta, made from agar and a blueberry jelly, and an apple pastry with cinnamon, ground ginger and Philadelphia Cream Cheese. So come to il Molino – a chain of pizzerias that unites all connoisseurs and food lovers alike! Bring your family and friends!

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