Single malt whisky collection in Sam`s Steak House

We have a collection of single malt whiskeys and Bourbons from different regions of the world. The culture of this drink attracts many people around the world. For those who wish to deep into the study of this topic, we have collected all the varieties in a single Catalog. Our mission is to show different whiskeys from different regions of the world, to acquaint guests not only with the classics of Scotland, but also to tell about Asian varieties. 


In our collection Single Malts are presented also by small portions of 20 ml for tasting, thanks to which you can try more types of whiskeys and choose your favorite. In Britain, this portion is called "WEE DRAM". 

Another popular trend of whiskey tastings today is whiskey dinners. The format of this event is perfect for the company of friends or partners. 




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