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Dear friends, for your convenience we have prepared a virtual tour of the interior of our restaurant. Now, you can easily choose your favourite table in any hall.


The warm gray color scale sets the style of the modern interior of the new Sam’s Steak House. Experimenting with the colors of this palette, the designer made some bright emphasis: chandeliers, painted wallpaper, textiles, book collection.


The spaces of the restaurant are decorated with photo pictures - individual collections for each of the halls.

In addition to dining halls, the new Sam’s Steak House has a small private retro-room and a spacious bar counter for tasting wines from the impressive wine chiller cabinets.


Menu. Large selection of steaks of in-house aging. The extensive wine list, a separate section of “Wines to steaks”. We also offer to our guest the morning meals and lunch offer.


Meat aging technology at Sam’s Steak House. We have improved the technology of wet aging with due regard to the Ukrainian realities. The technology includes meat aging by filling the cell walls of meat with beef fat, thus preserving the taste molecules. For this purpose, pieces of meat (steaks) are placed in special containers with fat. You can call it “natural aging”, because it allows achieving the required level of useful properties and the taste of imported meat of the famous breeds of cows using meat of breeding bulls grown in Ukraine. Also, beef fat is a natural barrier to bacteria. With such ageing, the meat fibers come apart, meat “rests” and becomes soft. Sam’s is the first restaurant in Ukraine, which in 1996 introduced this technology brought by specialists from Germany, built the professional cold stores for meat aging and trained the personnel.


The restaurant was founded in 1996 by the Mirovaya Karta group of companies. The partner of the restaurant is TM Ballantine’s.

Cooking classes
Cooking classes
Business lunches from 12AM to 4PM
Business lunches from 12AM to 4PM
November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day at Sam`s Steak House. The symbol of the Thanksgiving Day is the main dish of Gala dinner - baked turkey.
Invite your friends for the ribs! Sam`s Steak House Restaurant introduces a special menu of ribs!
What is a true steak? Sam’s Steak House is the first restaurant in Ukraine, which in 1996 introduced this steak meat aging technology 
Let's talk about meat and steaks ... It may seem that steak is a very simple dish, a piece of beef fried on both sides. In fact, it is far from true.
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