Sam's Steak house. History

Sam's Steak house is a modern and dynamic example of longevity in the domestic hospitality industry.  

1996. How it all began

The birth of "Sam's Steak house" occurred in those turbulent years, when restaurants were visited mainly for big holidays. At the same time, foreigners treated local institutions with fear.  But it was the foreign public that served as the catalyst for the opening of new wave restaurants with Western management and face control. So there was the Italian restaurant "Apollo" and the French "Zaporozhye", the grill restaurant "Arizona Barbecue" and the European bar of Eric Aigner.

In 1996, Michael don and Benjamin Golani opened their first restaurant in Ukraine – American bistro "Uncle Sam"on Zhilyanskaya, 37. 

Bright interior with posters of American attractions. The first black chef in Ukraine is Roy Hamilton from Washington. English speaking staff. American classics on the menu and celebrating American Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentine's Day.

It was all interesting, compelling, and engaging. The place quickly gained popularity.

2002. The first Steakhouse in Ukraine  

In 2002, "Uncle Sam's American & Bistro" makes an ideological upgrade and is renamed "Sam's Steak House".

In conditions of total shortage of quality products, the restaurant has retained its popular meat concept, but switched to domestic beef. The quality of Ukrainian meat was not the best at the time, and bring it to mind invited German specialist Jorgan Tsmaglik, who opened for Ukraine a unique technology of maturing beef in a natural shell-beef fat. Thanks to this, steaks turned out juicy and soft, which in those years was a rarity for meat restaurants. 

2009. The first culinary master classes in Ukraine 

In 2009, a few years before the culinary boom caused by the launch of licensed TV shows "Hell's kitchen" and "Master chef", and the ensuing avalanche of cookery courses for non-professionals, Sam's Steak House, for the first time in Ukraine begins an innovative series of cooking classes. Today, 10 years later, this kind of interactive cognitive leisure on Zhilyanskaya, 37 is still popular. 


Recent history.   

The idea behind the 2015 redesign was to focus on the most important thing – food. For this purpose, a calm monochrome color scheme of noble gray tones was chosen. Decorations: black and white posters of musicians-legends of rock and roll and landscapes of modern new York. The outdoor grill was replaced with a more technological and modern one. In the yard there was a summer terrace.

The menu Ukrainian Special Beef-14 popular steaks of Ukrainian beef dry and wet aging in its own mini-shop.

The know-how of recent years is a collection of single malt whiskies. The restaurant introduces its guests to the current format-whiskey dinners and whiskey tastings.  

The mission of the restaurant-to share knowledge with guests continues in master classes on cooking steaks and meat in nature. The theme is bolstered by Sam's Steak House Food-selling prepared raw steaks, burgers and BBQ ribs for self-cooking at home and on a picnic.



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