Technology matters

It is not easy to create a real steak. Ukrainian beef is even more complicated, because there are still no uniform standards by which beef cows are raised. How Sam’s manages to cook the best local steaks - we share.


Any raw steak must pass the stage of maturation (or fermentation). This happens in a wet or dry scenario. Sam’s uses both methods, with expert improvement from the restaurant.


NATURAL WET AGED is an advanced method of wet maturation. At Sam’s, it’s natural, as the vacuum film has been completely abandoned here.

The meat is fermented in a natural "wrap" of beef fat. This creates a natural barrier against germs and preserves the taste. The prepared meat is immersed in fat melted at 35 C. At such a low temperature, the fat envelops but does not compress the meat, unlike a vacuum bag. So, it remains more juicy, because actually Ukrainian beef is not marked by its marbling.

At such maturing the meat "rests": it becomes soft and acquires more saturated taste. Fluctuations in storage temperature -1 / + 2 degrees form a crystal softening of tissues, or a kind of "massage" of meat. Fermentation period is 14-35 days, depending on the cut. The chamber in which the meat matures has a special ventilation system that automatically releases air. It also serves as a barrier to bacteria.


Thus, our advanced WET AGED method is as environmentally friendly as possible. We call this natural maturation. Fermentation in fat allows to reach the level of useful properties and taste of imported meat - it becomes incredibly soft and reveals its taste as much as possible.

Steaks ripened using the same technology are served at the famous Peter Luger Steak House in Brooklyn, a member of the world-famous Zagat rankings, Michelin. But we are the first and probably the only ones in Ukraine who have introduced and successfully use Natural Wet Aged (NWA) technology in our own mini-production.


DRY AGED is another process of maturing meat, when it loses up to 60% of its weight due to moisture. This expensive process is due to a special "refrigerator", where the meat matures without any packaging under the influence of temperature, air circulation, low humidity and time. In contrast to wet ripening, when dry, cuts are placed in the chamber. All guests of Sam’s Steak House can watch the ripening process – our refrigeration equipment is located in the main hall of the restaurant.

This process is aimed at evaporation of moisture and destruction of connective tissues. The meat (in large chunks or half-carcasses) is hung out or placed on lattice shelves so that the cold air dries it on all sides and prevents bacteria from growing.

The process involves:

premium beef with an even distribution of fat,

well-ventilated chambers with a humidity of 75-85% and a temperature of 1-2 ° C.

The result in at least 21 days is fermented meat with an incredibly rich taste and tender texture. The longer the ripening period, the more moisture evaporates from the meat, the deeper and purer the taste becomes. That's why at Sam`s we chose a 45-day cycle – for true connoisseurs.

Meat aged in this way and with such a long shelf life is rare in stores. In restaurants, meat with 21-day aging is traditionally found, although in some countries, where steak has become almost a national dish, you can order meat with 30, 40, 60-day aging.


Finally, advice from Sam`s. Choose a steak on the bone. You will be impressed by its taste. The bone gives the steak more aroma, deep taste, juiciness and "fleshiness".


We recommend Medium Rare roasting for all steaks on the bone.

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