Thanksgiving day at Sam’s Steak House Celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 25 with a special menu at Sam`s Steak House. And if you want to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with family, we will prepare a real holiday turkey for you.
Port Charlotte. Tasting Dinner  On Wednesday, November 24, Sam`s Steak House will host another unique dinner of whisky. Port Charlotte is a smoky single malt whisky produced at the Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Isla.
Aberlour Tasting Dinner in the new Sam’s In November we start the new season of gastronomic dinners Tasting Dinner with tasting of single malt whisky.
ISTRIAN TRUFFLE SEASON AT DOM № 10 Great news for true gourmets: we would like to invite the guests of DOM # 10 to do justice to the new author’s menu dedicated to the truffle season prepared by the chef George Sharuev.
Legendary. Favorite. Now another. If you wake up in the morning and know you weren't here yesterday, you'll regret it. This is exactly how it was 25 years ago, when all the world's stars on their way to Kyiv went to Zhylyanska, 37,...
Season of fragrant melons and sweet watermelons! «Praktika» restaurant invites you to an updated seasonal menu.
Meet the best Single Malt whiskey Single malt whisky is a noble drink, the nuances of taste and aroma of which are incredibly interesting to understand. At Sam`s Steak House, learn all about the history and culture of consumption,...
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